Introducing Kids to the Game of Golf.

Teach to learn

Eric May (1927-2010)

Have you ever heard the expression, the best way to learn is to teach? My name is Page Singletary and I have two little golfers in the family. Lucy ‘May’ Singletary (age 11), pictured here with her special Grandpa May and Emily (age 16), on the golf team at Westlake High School in Austin, the defending state 5A champions. Whenever my girls take a golf lesson from their instructor, I make it such that they have to teach me what they learned. That accomplishes two things: (1) I get to learn something about my own game and (2) they are better able to understand what they were taught by teaching it to someone else. I suggest having them teach within 24 hours of taking the lesson if possible.

I call the photo on the left, ‘The Final Golf Lesson’ because we lost Grandpa May on Lucy’s birthday, March 13, 2010 not long after this visit to Austin. Eric May was an avid golfer, and played nearly every day well into his 80’s. We are sure he enjoys a better finish on the fairways of heaven, thanks to Lucy’s excellent instruction. Grandpa May would love everything about My Little Golfers!

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