Introducing Kids to the Game of Golf.

My first blog – What would Harvey say!

Harvey PenickHarvey Penick said, “A player that can putt is a match for anyone.”

He also recommended that kids of all ages learn the game from the hole and work outward.

Advice I got as a kid and still give today is, “Putt everyday.”

Putting is a game in itself, within the game of golf. On every golf hole the player finishes the hole, unless he holes an approach shot, chip, or pitch, by putting the ball into the hole.

Get your Little Golfer to enjoy the game of putting. Have him or her color on their golf ball. You color on a golf ball also. “A ball” now becomes “the ball”.

Next you and your Little Golfer take turns rolling the ball on the grass or indoors on the carpet. The Little Golfer gets to pick out the target. Roll the ball to the target with your hand.

Plan a field trip to a putting green or miniature golf course. Have your Little Golfer roll the ball with his hand until he becomes on challenged with that.

People of all ages do the things they enjoy doing most. Empower your Little Golfer to enjoy rolling a golf ball with his hand first and then a putter, instead of trying to teach him how to putt.

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  6. Very nice, Jason…I loved the quote from Harvey in bringing young golfers along. Heard it from Harvey when my boys were 7 & 3, and it made things so much fun for us when we spent time together around the putting greens of Austin!

    Keep up the encouragement of youth in such a great sport…

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