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My first golf teacher - Harvey Penick

I love the game of golf and it loves me back!


My passion for the game of golf started early at the young age of 5 years old. My first memory of the game was lugging my chipper and putter around while following my dad on the golf course. By age 6, I started playing competitively and was immediately successful in winning many golf tournaments throughout my youth and high school years.

Throughout my youth, I was blessed to be surrounded by people that were great teachers of life and golf. My father, who was a successful college basketball coach for the University of Texas and the legendary Harvey Penick were my two mentors that developed my passion for the game. Needless to say, I am forever thankful to both of them for introducing the game, spending time with me to lay the foundation that has positively impacting my life.

As I reflect back on time at the “young” age of 42, I often wonder of what my life would be if I was never introduced to golf. It is fair to say it would be significantly different. I would have different friends, would have found myself in a bit more trouble and surely missed out on many of the “non-golf” life lessons that I continue to apply to both my personal life and professional career.

Fast forward to today. I am still active in the game but these days are different and much more rewarding. Meet my two daughters Ally (6) and Katie (3). As you would expect, both were introduced to the game while still in diapers. And like when I was growing up, most evenings you will find the 3 of us roaming the grounds of Austin Country Club with our chipper and putter. This experience continues to provide me with a new layer of enjoyment as I see the girls develop their passion for the game.

Fast forward 10 years. As much as I want to have my daughters earn a full golf scholarship at a top notch college, graduate with hundreds of 1st place trophies and go on to challenge the professional records of Tiger Woods and Annika Sorensen… I am 100% realistic that the chances of this happening rest somewhere between “slim and none.” However, I think many parents think they really are raising the next Tiger Woods thus missing out on the true benefits of the game. The real goal for parents should be to foster “the love of the game” where their child will enjoy these fruits into their adult lives.

The girls have brought me full circle to where I sit now.
As an entrepreneur, I love building things. My goal with writing this blog is to develop a community of parents that love the game of golf and want to share best practices for assisting our kids develop a love for the game. Through this community of passionate people we will have a forum for that will center around develop the future golfers that share our passion for the game.

Support. I need your support as you “have been there done it” either as a teacher, player, parent or mentor. You knowledge on “what you would have done different” or “tips that you did right” will have a meaningful impact on not only the future generation of golfers and parents (but future generations that desperately need to learn the lessons discovered from golf highlighted in the First Tee Program).

I appreciate your support and look forward to the journey.

J. Black (father of Ally (6) and Katie (3))

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  1. Hi Jason,
    I, too, am a member of ACC. Barbara Puett just introduced me to your web site. I love it! Early next year I will begin a program to introduce the game of golf to some kids (age 4-12) at a facility for abused/neglected kids in Austin. I’ll be introducing golf to them with basic games/drills to get the feel for a game some of them probably never have heard of. I will be combing your musings for ideas to help me with my new charges. Thanks!

    • thanks Polly… let me know how it goes. I am in the process of building a model to assist parents/mentors engage with kids. I would love to share my vision with you and get your feedback. Let me know if you ever have time to connect. take care – JB

    • thanks Polly… please let me know how your program goes… and share any best practices you have from your personal experiences.

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