Introducing Kids to the Game of Golf.

Having Fun with Trick Shots

If you ask 1,000 PGA Professionals, what is the most important thing to do when introducing their child to the game of golf?   99% would say, make sure you keep it Fun.  Fun is the connective link to introducing you child to the game, fueling their passion and planting the golf seed.  Without it, two people will be frustrated – you and Jr.

A trick you may want to incorporate into your next golf adventure with you child – “trick shots”, doing some fun or goofy shots that bring a smile to all.

Here are three trick shots that my 9 year old loves:

  1. Hitting your driver off of your knees
  2. Putting with your eyes closed
  3. Chipping one handed

The good news about learning to hit different shots… it develops different skills that help the child learn in a fun and creative manner.  For the above shots, each helps with learning the swing: i) off knees promotes learning to swing out towards the target ii) putting with eyes closed promotes trusting your stroke and iii) chipping with one hand promotes learning tempo and touch.

And trick shots are fun for little ones as well.

Here is a video of my 5 year old teaching me “The Fountain” shot.  Fun with golf… unlock the passion of learning!

Enjoy – JB

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