Introducing Kids to the Game of Golf.

Golf: Integrity, Honesty, Honor

Golf is the ultimate business game for a couple of reasons. Integrity, honesty, and honor are at the core of the game. After an 18 hole round with someone, you can certainly see how one carries themselves. Whether they are handling themselves with grace or embarrassing themselves. Watch the way someone reacts after hitting a bad shot. It will tell you how they will react when a business decision doesn’t go their way. I asked my college golf coach one day what he looks for when he goes and watches a junior golfer play. He said he watched to see what they would do after a bad shot. He would rather watch them play poorly than play well. It’s easy when everything is going your way. It is the same way when approaching a potential business deal. I want the person I would potentially be doing business with to show me their true colors, show me what it’s like when things aren’t easy.

If utilized properly, golf can be such a useful tool in today’s business world. Your child doesn’t have to be the next Tiger Woods in order to benefit from the game. Teach them the basics of the game. But most importantly, let golf help you teach them integrity, honesty, and honor.

Brian Noonan

Note from Jason – I hope many parents read this and can appreciate the power of golf in the “work world”… I believe that learning this game can accelerate a young person’s professional career when they enter the workforce.  Said differently, if a young person has a good game they will get invited to play with the CEO.

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