Introducing Kids to the Game of Golf.

Best Putter in Texas

I borrowed this one from my friend Dr. Lennie Barton, Vice President of Development at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC. Lenny plays to a scratch handicap and was on the golf team at NC State in college. Whenever I tee it up with Lenny, he always talks about how he is the best putter in America. It often seems that way, as birdie putts always seem to drop from all over the place!

With my daughter Emily (16) and now Lucy (11) we use the phrase, ‘Best Putter in Texas’ all of the time. Emily has become a fabulous putter and I believe it is partly due to the ‘state of mind’ she has on the putting green. There are so many ways to putt and while there are certainly some important fundamentals that must be ingrained at some point, the number one putting tip you can give your young golfer is a positive mental attitude on the putting green.

Once they embrace the idea that they are a good putter, it is much easier to work on the fundamentals of a solid putting stroke. In this case, mental attitude before physical skills.

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