Introducing Kids to the Game of Golf.

A Child’s Perspective (first golf journey)

For a child being introduced to the golf course for the first time, their perspective of going to the golf course is quite different than ours as parents.  As a 5 year old on their first journey, they will see:

  • The Sand Trap – As a place to build sand castles and make sand angels
  • The Water Hazard – A place to skip rocks and look for turtles
  • The Steep Hill – A place to “tuck and roll” to get dizzy
  • The Golf Cart – A go-cart that they can drive
  • The 19th hole – A place where the ice cream, candy or cookies
  • A Shot over Water – A big splash with the ball
  • 2 Hours of Time – An outdoor Adventure with their parent

First and foremost, none of what they see is really about golf, but hanging out with their parent having fun and “going on an adventure.”  As parents, it is very easy to focus too much on the golf element for a young child and not enough around just having kid fun.  Ironically, the less you make the journey to the golf course about golf… the more the child will be interested in playing.

And finally, as a child going to the golf course, the most important thing the child loves about going to the golf course is the fun time with their parent.  Laying this “fun” foundation is the singular most important pillar for a child having an interest in learning the great game of golf.


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