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The Power of “TEAM” in golf – Guest Blogger Brian Noonan

One of the reasons that I was drawn to golf as a junior player was that I controlled my own destiny. I didn’t have to rely on the receiver to catch the ball or I didn’t have to have the center-fielder throw the runner out at second. It was all on me. We all know that at its core, golf is an individual sport.  Well then why do nearly all of my fondest memories on the golf course have something to do with a team?

As I said, starting out I wanted no one else to blame but me. Then after a short period of time, I realized that I liked playing team matches with my friends. It was in these 2 vs. 2 matches where we all learned how to play the game. We learned what it was like to be under pressure, what is what like to root someone on and most importantly, we learned how to get the ball in the hole.

Most of us went on to play college golf. You want to talk about team. College golf is all about the TEAM. It’s a group of 5 individuals that eat together, work out together, (occasionally) go to class together, practice together, and compete together. Individually we all had our good tournaments and high finishes, but when we reunite, we talk about the tournaments that we played well as a team. I personally know the individual national champion from this past years NCAA championship. He has told me multiple times that he would gladly give up his individual crown for the team crown.

Now that golf plays a more social role in my life, I live for team matches. Whether its matches where Ally is my partner (JB – we are still undefeated) or a game with my former college team mates, having a partner makes the game more fun. I would encourage all parents to help their child see golf as both a team game and an individual sport. Letting your child be a part of your team or even play on the other team. Play for a coke float or a movie or some sort of prize. I think this type of match brings a sense of competition and comrodry that is only found in the game of golf.

I started playing golf because it was an individual game but I kept with it because it turned into a team game.


Brian Noonan (College Golfer LSU)

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