Introducing Kids to the Game of Golf.

Learning the Swing – Clipping the Tee

Katie, my 5 year old, just started to learn to play this year.  She is a full spirit personality, whom my wife refers to as “Jason in a skirt.”  So Katie and I made our way up to the driving range for some basic learning.

From a teaching standpoint, at this stage/age, you only want to teach a few basic fundamentals:

  1. Grip – holding the club correctly
  2. Clipping the Tee – getting the ball airborne
  3. Holding the finish – maintaining balance

Our goal in Katie’s adventure was clipping the tee.  To engage Katie the first thing we did was name her tee.  Katie chose to name her tee Smiley.  So from that point going forward, the tee was referred to as Smiley.  The next thing to teach Katie was to make Smiley “go to sleep.”  To make this happen, Katie has to clip the tee or knock it out of the ground.

Success – Katie was engaged, she loved making Smiley go to sleep and she started learning the basic fundamentals of the golf swing.

Summary Learning’s

  • 100% of the practice shots should be tee’d up, give your child the highest probability of success
  • Name the Tee – Kids relate to characters.  The watch television shows like Dora, SpongeBob and Hello Kitty.  When teaching golf to your child, incorporate the use of fun names for your tee, ball, club, etc.
  • Clipping the Tee – a key basic fundamental for learning the swing is clipping the tee.  The goal being where your child will be able to consistently get the ball airborne
  • Make the Tee “go to sleep” – make the tee go out of the ground or tilt forward
  • Have fun and end on a positive note

Enjoy every moment and cherish the memories!


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  1. I guess there is a SpongeBob episode that has him Golfing. As my 5 year old daughter and i were practicing and i moved the ball in some better grass my daughter said” Dad, Play it where it lies” Wondering how the heck she knew to use that in the correct context i asked her if her older brother and sister taught her that. she said “No Dad, I learned that from Spongebob.” I think i need to find that episode.

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