Introducing Kids to the Game of Golf.

Hula Hoops, Frisbees, Robes and Golf Balls… a good day!

Yesterday, I got a huge kick out of Ally and her creative golfing brain…

As we were preparing to go the golf course, she started gathering some random toys from the garage.  In tow, she brought 2 hula hoops, 1 frisbee, 1 jump rope and a badminton thingy.  Curiously, I asked Ally what all these toys were going to be used for… she told me it was a surprise.

Her surprise was awesome – a new golfing game she had made up.   Ally’s game was pretty cool for a 7 year old, here were the rules:

  1. Chip into the circle of both hula hoops
  2. Chip and hit the Frisbee with the ball
  3. Make a 1 putt around the rope into the hole
  4. Make a 2 putt and hit the badminton thing

And Ally told me, the first one to do this 10 times wins.  Nevertheless, she beat me, we stayed out their for over 2 hours chipping and putting (and having fun).

So next time your looking for an idea to make going to the golf course two rules of thought for you: i) let your child make up the game ii) go dig around in your garage and have some fun.

Through this adventure with Ally, she taught me a couple of best practices: i) playing games and having fun will yield better results for everyone and ii) sometimes the big kids need to get out of the way and let these little golfers design the rules of the game!

Here is a quick video of part of our golfing adventure! Hula Hoops and Golf Balls

Cheers to little girls and hula hoops – JB

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