Introducing Kids to the Game of Golf.

Establishing Right Ball Position

Part of teaching your child to hit the ball correctly is making sure that you have a few of the key fundamentals correct (grip, posture and ball position).  Getting the correct ball position is very easy to teach your little golfer.   It is literally a “two-step” process.

  • Put a club in front of the feet (between ball and toes) to line the child up
  • Have the child address the ball with both feet together with toes facing club (and you)
  • Have the child take a little step with the front foot
  • And a big step with the back foot

This should leave the ball in the just off of the heel of the front foot, whereas the child will be hitting the ball on their upswing.  If you want to show the child exactly where to put their feet, incorporate some golf tee’s to where their feet will end up.

The typical width of the stance will be shoulder distance, with the longer clubs (woods) having the widest stance at address position.

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