Introducing Kids to the Game of Golf.

Conquer The Course: First Time Golfing with Your Kids

Guest Blogger – Beth Myers

There are countless reasons why teaching golf to a child is a great idea. Learning manners, patience, competitiveness, and eye-hand coordination are just a few of the benefits to be gained from playing golf at a young age. Golfers pride themselves on being honest and enforcing the rules on themselves in a fair manner – and those are great lessons for any child to learn.

Taking a child to a course for the first time, however, can be challenging. If you are a mom, you certainly know that kids don’t always stay quiet when they are supposed to. Combine that with having to hope they can play well enough to keep up, and a nice day on the course can turn into more stress than relaxation. Following are a few tips to make sure you and your child have a great day the first time out on the course.

Pick a Proper Time. Even if it is convenient for you, a summer Saturday morning is not a great time to take the kids to the course. The first tee will be crowded, and the other golfers may get frustrated if they have to wait for your group. Late afternoons on weekends, or pretty much anytime during the week, make for better options.

Bring a Pull Cart. While your child can probably carry their own clubs, it is smart to equip them with a pull cart for the first few rounds out. Not having to lift and drop their bag between shots will speed up play – especially if they start to struggle and are not hitting their shots very far. This tip will not only speed up play, but help prevent the kids from getting tired toward the end of the round.

Set a Limit. Before you even set foot on the course, agree to a per-hole shot limit with your kids. This will keep one hole from turning into a nightmare, and keep the day moving along. Kids start to feel competitive on the course and won’t want to ‘give up’, so agreeing to a shot limit beforehand can help to avoid any arguments during the round.

Bring Food and Drink. Nothing will turn a happy kid cranky faster than getting hungry and/or thirsty. As the day on the course wears on, you little ones are going to work up an appetite with all those swings and trips back and forth across the fairways. Good snack options include peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, candy bars, or mixed nuts. Avoid bringing soda pop as a drink – stick with bottles of water or sports drinks.

Don’t let the potential challenges keep you from taking your kids out on the course. After only a few rounds, your kids will be totally comfortable and you will be more worried about keeping up with them than the other way around. If your child is mature enough to keep quiet at the right times, and has learned some fundamentals on the range, by all means make a tee time and give them their first shot at the real thing. Hopefully it will develop into a lifelong activity that you can share together.

Beth Myers is a passionate golfer, mother & wife…not in that order J.  She writes for East Coast Golf Sales on all things women’s golf – you could say she is a little obsessed.  Be sure to follow her on twitter @GolfBeth


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