Introducing Kids to the Game of Golf.

The power of words: ʻInterestingʼ and ʻIʼll fix thatʼ

With two little golfers in the family, I like nothing better than spending time with my daughters on the golf course. Emily is a junior on her high school golf team, which won the state 5A golf championship in Texas last year and they are a favorite to repeat. Lucy is just 11 years old.

One of the things I have taught both of my girls is that there is no such thing as a ʻbad shotʼ in golf. When we hit a shot that does not go where we planned, we simply say the word ʻinterestingʼ as in ʻwasnʼt that interesting?ʼ It is amazing how that simple word or phrase, can turn a frustrating moment into a learning opportunity. The next words that you will often here the girls say are as follows: “Well, now I know how to hit that shot,” or my personal favorite, “Iʼll fix that.”

This same concept can be applied to any life situation. It is a paradigm shift that works when things are not going as planned. Rather than beat yourself up and become frustrated, tell yourself that there is a positive that comes from every missed shot or opportunity.  And then, ʻfix it!ʼ Fix it by hitting a great recovery shot or by simply learning from the mistake.

The power of words!


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