Introducing Kids to the Game of Golf.

The Power of “the Adventure list”

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Earlier, I had one of my favorite blogs on the power of creating a list (Click to see Adventure Blog).  I have used this strategy now several times and I can promise you that it works…my little Ally has taken it too an entirely new level.  See the latest photo, where she took $10 dollars from me over our 3 hour adventure.   

Based on this success, I wanted to write a follow up blog because it opened my eyes to the power of letting your child feel that their in control of the day and they can define what fun means to them.  By empowering them to create their own list, they will set the expectations for the day and ensure “fun is had” – and you have a successful golfing outing.

A few quick tips:

  • Tip 1 – Let your child create a list of what they want to do – they will define fun
  • Tip 2 – Let them make a list of everything they want to accomplish – they will tell you the goals (how long, what to do, etc). Don’t have any limits, if they want to play in the sand trap, chase butterflies or play 9 holes… nothing is off limits (within reason).

Question for the Group – What types of list do you create with your child…. What benefits have you found from creating a list prior to playing?  What tips have you found useful in ensuring a fun experience?

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