Introducing Kids to the Game of Golf.

The Dollar Game… “chipping for bucks”


Like adults… kids are motivated by money.  Especially if they can use that cash for buying some treats or toys.  Like the quarters game for putting, here is an excellent game for chipping “The Dollar Game.”

In teaching a child the basic fundamentals of chipping, it is important that a child understand a few key principles; distance control and identifying where they want the ball to land (intermediary target).  The Dollar Game is excellent at accomplishing both of these learning’s.

The Game is Simple:

  1. Pull out your dollar (and if your super ambitious… pull out a $20J)
  2. Place your dollar anywhere from 15-20 feet from the chipping area
  3. Optional – You can also put a $5.00 bill in the hole… added incentive
  4. Put two tees on both ends of the dollar
  5. Have your child chip balls until they have the ball roll over the dollar

The first time we played, it was magical in getting the kids focused on the target (the buck).  And when they won their dollar… it was even more rewarding.  Here is a quick video of the game in action…

So if you are looking for an easy game… incorporate this into your bag of tricks.


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  1. I have a 7 year old girl and 4 year old son. I’ve been putting a $1 dollar in the hole at the putting green and they take it when they two putt. It worked. $2 dollar for the hole in one.

    When the play the course its $5 dollar for a par plus the same strategy for the putts.

    The chipping has worked too much, she gets boored not making anything.

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