Introducing Kids to the Game of Golf.

Perspective for your Youngster

We all know “that dad”… you know, the one that puts a tad too much negative energy into willing their youngster to a level of higher performance. You have probably seen this dad, he will be the one yelling from the bleachers for his kid to “run faster”, “keep his head up” or “screaming at the ump.” Unfortunately, “that dad” also can be found on the golf course. Where they expect their young child to swing like Tiger Woods, putt like Ben Crenshaw, and have the mental game of Dr. Bob Rotella. Some say these parents are “living their dreams through their child”… but I just think they need to reevaluate what is important… and what is not.

When I was just getting started with Ally, teaching her the game…someone gave me some sage advice. They stated that the most important thing you can teach your child is to “love the game of golf, where they can enjoy the game for a lifetime.” Ever since I heard that, it completely changed my expectations, which enabled me to really enjoy the moment and not get consumed with the “scoring or shot” results. With that being said, I want to provide parents 5 pieces of advice on why not to be “that dad”: When she gets to make her own decisions, she will choose to do something else. She will end up not playing the game because you made it “not a game”

Being a professional golfer is not realistic. Even if you have the most talented girl in the country…I would argue that it is a tough life and one that might not be as rewarding as many other careers. If you teach them to love the game, you will have a playing partner for the rest of your life. When you’re on vacations, when you’re retired, when they have grandkids. The golf course is more than hitting the ball in hole, but a place where you can teach core values, life skills, and build memories for a lifetime. You look like an ass to your peers and it is embarrassing to your child. How would you like it if someone griped at you for 9 holes of golf?

Next time you go to the golf course, think about reevaluating your goals… cherish these times because if as all of the older folks say “they grow up fast” and you don’t want to miss the boat! Cheers – JB

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