Introducing Kids to the Game of Golf.

Miss “28”… The Greatest Round of Golf

My father and I had the utmost thrill of witnessing the greatest 9 holes of our lives.  Can you imagine a “28” on 9 holes… 8 under par?  Even better, the game was played in the first round of the Junior Club Championship by my 8 year old Ally.

With a week to reflect on this phenomenal day, it just started to really soak in on how golf is so much more than hitting a white ball into a round hole.  As a proud parent, the joy of seeing your daughter play at her peek, be rewarded for those hours of practice on the putting green… and the extra confidence that carries over into all aspects of her life is truly one of the great blessings golf has gifted me.

Even more important than the score, golf has a priceless gift that is available to every parent… regardless if you’re rich or poor… it is available to you.  Unfortunately the vast majority of parents don’t take advantage of this gift.

The Gift of 1-1 Time

Over the last 5 years, Ally and I have been blessed to spend 1,000’s of hours putting and chipping at the golf course.  During these excursions, we have been able to build a special relationship that is truly priceless.  I know this sounds cheesy… but when I am old (and more bald)… I know both Ally and I will always reflect on these special memories we built by going on our golf adventures that often involve playing silly golf games, pouring water on our head and hunting for turtles.  Ironically, golf is not about golf, it is about building relationships.

As parents, the greatest gift we can give our child is time.  Golf is one of the few sports where you can spend intimate 1-1 time having a long conversation and let hitting the ball get in the way. From the ages of 3-8 years old, this is the perfect time to start laying this foundation… because guess what, when they turn 10+… they may not want to hang out with mom or dad.   And for what it is worth, organized sports are great but unless you’re the coach… how much 1-1 time are you having?

The Challenge

Make it a priority to have 1 golf adventure a month… for just 30 minutes to the putting green… make up a few games and see where it goes from there.  Keep me abreast of the progress.

So back to “Miss 28”, Ally.  Growing up learning the game from Harvey Penick, he always said to me spend 80% of your time putting and chipping.  I dedicate Ally’s round to the foundation and life lessons that Mr. Penick provided me and the teachings he passed down that I can now share with my daughters.  I know he would give Ally a big high-5 for her 12 putts… so thank you Mr. Penick for spending those hours with me that continue to be a blessing for me.

Take Dead Aim!


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  1. Congratulations Ally on a tremendous round.

    It is truly inspiring to see you enjoying golf and getting a chance to spend quality time with your dad!

  2. Great stuff JB. Golf is definitely more than hitting that white ball.


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