Introducing Kids to the Game of Golf.

Membership Drive for the Crazy Dad’s Club

Attention Parents within the “junior golf mafia”,  a high percentage of you qualify for membership into THE CRAZY DADS CLUB, we want to recognize you and give you the opportunity to share our mission. 

Question: Are you already a qualified Member?

About the CDC.  Membership is open to both men and women.  Must be willing to spend a min of $15-25K per year on your child’s golf.  Members are considered subject matter expert golf instruction, youth motivation and frustration management.  Members must be willing to complete hours of research finding regional/national golf tournaments, have special skills for finding drills/swing aids that deliver peak performance and be considered slightly manic (aka – overboard/crazy) by normal parents. 

Membership is Free.  Some of the initial requirements for membership include: i) being willing to travel across county lines with kid and golf clubs in tow, ii) paying countless dollars for entry fees, hotels and car rentals, iii) eating fast food for at least 2 meals per day…  most importantly, iv) be a seasoned professional in playing the role of a coach, teacher and parent for “helping” your child become the next golf phenom.

Senior Level/Board Positions.  CDC is also seeking qualified board members.  Do you qualify?  Skills required to be considered:

  • Travel Agent –  Advanced skills in driving long distances, finding flights with the shortest travel time without losing clubs, ability to game the rewards system for discounted rooms with free breakfast offerings. 
  • JIT Swing Coach – Ability to give your child “just in time” swing thoughts prior to their tee time.   Must be able to help your child quickly embrace these new swing thoughts without elevating tension and getting your child frustrated.
  • Videographer – Unique ability to capture in the moment content that can be shared with a player during the Post Round Review as well as round highlights (with a focus on birdie putts) under the hashtags – #droppingbombs #birdiealert
  • Post Round “Constructive” Feedback – Ability to deliver post-round improvement feedback within 60 minutes of the last putt.  Special bonus points for tricking child to go implement this feedback on putting green or driving range directly after the round. 

Other skills that are important but not 100% required: i) Brisk Walker – Ability to walk a 10 miles daily, keep a 12 min pace and repeat 4-5 consecutive days, ii)  Low Diet Restrictions – Embrace the flavors of fast food over 3-5 day stints.  Special allegiance to Chick-fil-a and Starbucks and iii) Mild Behavioral Disorder – Ability to limit body movements to just flailing arms on errant drives or putts missed within 5 feet. 

Interested in recruiting CDC Members

CDC is actively seeking new members and would welcome warm introductions.  Places to find prospective CDC members: i) Standing on Range or Putting Green with a 2-3 training aids, ii) Pacing around the golf shop because their child isn’t listening to their swing advice, and iii) At the bar, most likely in the afternoon sending excessive text to other CDC members or the official golf coach. 

Once you find a prospective member – please forward them the self-assessment at Please share on social media to expand our reach under hashtag #crazydadsclub

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