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Crazy 3’s – Chipping Game for Advanced Players

I think games are a fantastic way to enjoy practice for a number of reasons; games promote a higher level of focus, bring out the competitive spirit and makes practice more “perfect.” My 9 year old loves making up games when we practice… and I really like the latest game, Crazy 3’s.

Crazy 3’s is a chipping game for the more advanced player.  What I really like this game of how it promotes creativity on selection of the shot and the promotion of “perfect practice.  When we played we used just about every club in the bag; she learned how to hit a bump 3-wood out of the fringe and for her final shot she chose to get a little crazy and hit the 7-iron off the top of the shag bag.


  • Where – Putting Green
  • What – 9-hole Chipping Game with 3 balls for each hole (total of 27 shots)
  • Goal – To have the least amount of total steps

How Played:

  1. Alternate shot format
  2. First Player chooses type of shot and the club selection
  3. Player hits 3 balls in a row to the hole
  4. Once both players hit their balls, measure the total feet of the combined 3 balls
  5. Write the number of feet down in the scorecard for 9 holes
  6. Add up each players total steps
  7. Lowest player wins

Try this game, it takes about 20 minutes to play… it is a lot of fun for both the youngster and the adult.

If you have a favorite game and would like to post on MLG, please let me know – would love to help #GrowGolf



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  1. This is awesome!! Will try it with Ja on the chipping green. Thanks!

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