Introducing Kids to the Game of Golf.

Adventure #1 – for first time golfers


Parents ask me all the time – how do I get my kids into golf.  My answer is consistent and simple… 3 letters – FUN.  Here is an Adventure you can take your child on now… starting at age 3.

Golf is a great game… I repeat, it is a game.  The golf course is a wonderful place to play… and not just golf. Imagine a 5 year old not wanting to go run around a big field, whack some balls with a stick/club, see all types of animals, skip some rocks, get snacks and hang out with mom or dad… sounds like a pretty cool day.  It is and doing it as an Adventure makes it fun.

Below is a Golf Adventure created for 1st time golfers.  This should provide you with a Indiana Jones type of day and I will promise you big smiles and high-5’s from your little one.

Adventure 1 _final

After you complete your Adventure #1, let me know your results… and I will send you Adventure #2.

Here is to keeping it FUN!

Take Dead Aim!


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  1. What an amazing way to introduce kids to the game. I have four young kids and your ideas give me inspiration to begin a golf routine with them. Thank you for your insights and adventure ideas.

    • thanks… the golf course is like one big park… and oh by the way, you can use a ball and a stick to have some fun. Especially for young kids, if you can leave the course with them smiling… it is a good day… the Adventure List was one of the most successful ideas that hooked my child to the game. You can also download … good luck with the journey…

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