Introducing Kids to the Game of Golf.

5 Things I have learned

Ally taking dead aim!

Both of my daughters have been playing going to the golf course with me since they were in diapers. Through this time, I have learned a lot of “what not to do” and “what to do”.. .in this blog, I will focus on the 5 things that I think would be beneficial for any parent:

1. Having Fun is the top priority – Golf is a secondary activity
When golf becomes not fun, everyone loses. Every time you go to the golf course, make it your #1 priority to ensure your child has a positive experience. Don’t let the learning of the game or hitting good shots a priority.

2. The Golf Course is not a Golf Course – it is a Playground
The golf course is not a golf course for a child… it is one big playground. Through a child’s eye, they see big sand traps to build sand castles, water holes to skip rocks, turtles and fish to and lots of fun things to do with a club and a ball. Keep perspective on what the course is… don’t make it a course, keep it a playground where you can have wonderful adventures with your child.

3. Attention span dictates the activity
The attention span of most children will range from 10 seconds to 15 minutes. When you take your child to the golf course, pay close attention to their mannerisms and don’t push them when you see them losing interest, just move onto a different activity. Some days you may only spend 5 minutes playing golf and 30 minutes doing other fun stuff.

4. Know your line – Don’t cross it
The worst thing you can do for a child is to cross a line – the line where you push a child where you break them (i.e. they clearly are not having any more fun). It is hypercritical that you always remain positive and never negatively project negative emotions that distress the child. If you do this, the child will see the game as not a game… never develop a love/passion for playing the game. Keep things in perspective!

5. #1 Priority – Golf for a lifetime
As a parent, if you do this correctly, you will introduce a game to your child that they will enjoy for their entire life. That should be your #1 goal. Get it out of your head that they are going to be the “next Tiger”… make them the next person that loves the game of golf. As a father of girls, my goal for them is to be able to learn the life lessons and development of their core values through the teachings of the game.

Please let me know some of the top lessons you have learned. I look forward to your feedback.

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